Welcome on the official PuzzleBricks website !

We are a small team of 2 people based in Lille in the north of France. We imagine complex and tricky riddle based of the famous plastic brick !
We Design the puzzles and create convenient packages for you !

On our website you’ll find a list of all the puzzles we designed in the Puzzles page and also how to build them yourself !

To build the puzzle you’ll have two options:

  • You want the easiest option and don’t want to bother gather all the pieces and hack them. You can go to our shop page and buy convenient boxes with all the item needed (and even more) !
  • You love plastic bricks, you have many of them already and also you love “hacking” things, you are someone meticulous enough.
    You can freely download the manual for each puzzle on the Puzzles page. You’ll also need to learn how to hack the pieces to turn them into Zombricks on the DIY page.

If you like our work, help us buy more bricks ! Send a donation to https://www.paypal.me/puzzlebricks

Hope you’ll enjoy building our puzzle ! Please share with us your creations on our social networks :

Finally if you have any questions or just wanna talk you can reach us by MP on any social network or by email here: puzzlebricks2077@gmail.com

The PuzzleBricks Team