At puzzle bricks we believe that sharing is getting more !

Want to start building our puzzle with your own lego bricks ? All the manuals can be found in the puzzle page !

Need to learn how to Zombricks your pieces ? You can find all the informations you need here: Zombrick manual
If your bought one of our puzzle, Zombricks are already included !

Our economic model is based on sharing and getting the most people involved in puzzlebox building ! If you built one of our puzzle by downloading our manual freely, the best way you can help us is by showing your creation to people around you and share our website !

We really want users to hack our puzzle box or build their own ! We share our puzzle under the Creative Common BY-NC-SA 4.0 license, which give you the rights to copy, modify and share our puzzle under some conditions. Learn more in the license section below.

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About our license :

Our puzzle are protected under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license

Clic on the topic you want to reveal more info

Why do we freely give the manuals to build our puzzle ? Shouldn’t we keep them private and sell them to make money ?

Well… before opening the website and beginning to share our puzzle with the world, we thought of many options to monetize our business and the obvious way of making money was to sell our puzzles. And to sell something you invented, many will think that the best way is to keep the recipe secret and make people pay to access it. This would have probably worked, and people would, at worst, have shared the manuals in close circle (family, friends) so pretty much every client would have paid for our products…

But in this process, we particularly thoughts of ways to make our business known to the world. And being aware that our manuals would be shared, we thought to ourselves that it would be smart to focus our economic model around it. And here we are, sharing freely our manuals online ! What this mean for you is simply that when someone opens our manuals, he MUST know that it’s a PuzzleBricks manual, that we have a website and some social networks to follow our work and our new products !

What about copy protection and creation thief ?

We thought of that too, and we decided to protect our Puzzle with the Creative Common BY-NC-SA 4.0 license ( This mean that you have the rights to share our puzzles without limit, to anyone. And that you have the right to « hack » anything on our puzzle: Color, size, gimmick…
We want the users to see « outside the box », enjoy the pleasure of creation and moreover be able to personalize or improve our puzzle.

The 3 things to respect when sharing our original or hacked products are:

  • Always CREDIT us (if you just share our manual, your good as our brand is printed on it)
  • do not SELL anything that came from our website (even if you hacked it)
  • share your hacks under the exact SAME LICENSE as the one used here (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)